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/Nanjing Norman Will Attend Leading International Trade Fair "MEDICA"
Nanjing Norman Will Attend Leading International Trade Fair "MEDICA"
June 08, 2022
Germany's Dusseldorf International Hospital and medical equipment and supplies expo Medica was founded in 1969. Its scale and influence are preferred at the world's similar expo. The net area of the exhibition hall is about 123,000 square meters. In 2019, there were more than 6,000 exhibitors, and the visitors exceeded 120,000. Visitors were medical devices, drug wholesalers, buyers, health departments, and medical professional and technical personnel from all over the world. There are also merchants from America and Australia, which are large -scale international events integrating technology, commerce and information.

Exhibition Location: Dewers Doroff Exhibition Center of Germany 

Exhibition Time: November 14-17, 2022

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